Culturally and Linguistically Accurate

​​Translation & Cultural Consulting

We have interpreters to meet your needs in the fields of medicine, education, legal, insurance, finance, real estate, environmental, automotive, etc. 
We can provide:

  • On site interpreters for formal or informal settings
  • Conference and teleconference interpreters 
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Interpreter Training
    • Introduction and Framework
    • Working with or as Interpreter Translator
    • The interpreting process
    • Code of Ethics 

* Call us to learn more about the Interpreter Training Workshops and get a sample of full day schedule.

From operation manuals to employee communiqués, whether you need to negotiate a contract, set up a joint venture, understand foreign legislation, make a marketing presentation, or simply translate a business letter, we’ll get your point across in a culturally appropriate manner. Importantly, we will help you identify the Spanish dialect most suitable for your target audience.

Your translations will undergo the following steps:

  1. Document analysis - identifies register level
  2. Glossary creation - ensures consistency for future translations
  3. Textual translation - adheres to the literary style of the original 
  4. Grammatical, syntactical and cultural editing 
  5. Proofreading and final edits


Cultural competence refers to the abilities required to interact effectively with people of different languages and socio-economic backgrounds in order to deliver your services and simultaneously integrate, build and maintain a unified staff with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We work with educators, profit and non-profit organizations, and government agencies interested in globalization and cross-cultural awareness, empathy and community engagement.


Your next big opportunity: The Hispanic Market. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority consumer group in the USA. Language isn't enough, though. To really speak to this audience, you need to be culturally sensitive. We have years experience building brands and developing campaigns that have successfully engaged the Hispanic consumer. We can help you with campaigns, taglines, voiceover, webcopy, research and more.


The AIS Consulting Group can guide you in the process to create your unique company culture blueprint, as you grow and develop your organization. The 21st century global market requires businesses to not only believe in diversity and inclusion, but to be able integrate and live out that belief in its day-to-day affairs.  Our goal is to help you foster professional development in and amongst your diverse workforce.


  • Spanish Language Assessment and Training. 
  • Cultural Competence - Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Speech Language Services:
    • Disfluency among Bilingual Children
    • Voice Talent
  • Interpreter Training
  • Employee training - Benefits
  •  AIS Consulting Group approach to education and training is goal oriented and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and your teams.



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Our translators work into their native language and within specific fields of expertise. AIS can be relied on to translate your intended meaning rather than a literal rendering of just words and provide intelligent and culturally authentic translations.

All In Spanish has built a sterling reputation over two decades by providing quality services to our clients at a fair price. Our commitment to a superior level of expertise in all areas of service is the cornerstone of success. We differ from other companies in our unique and proprietary approach to culture and the role of language in communication, our linguists hold collegiate degrees and international experience within their respective fields of study, bringing a wealth of expertise to our clients with whom we enjoy a high level of trust and long-term relationships. We offer you customized services in interpretation, translation, cultural competency education, marketing and human resource consulting; Spanish language acquisition through our Language Academy, international legal research, in addition to audio visual services in video, radio and television.

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