All In Spanish, consulting group

Alejandra Sorrentino

Education Director

Armando Gutierrez

Executive Director


Alejandra has over 20 years of experience as a Speech Language Pathologist, working with children and adults with disabilities.

She also holds a Post Graduate Degree in School Administration.She is a native Spanish speaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Laura Howard

Senior Marketing Consultant

 " All in Spanish, LLC, went on to hire and personally train a phenomenal group of interpreters in the philosophy of being more than an interpreter; being a cultural broker. They were all able to bridge the differences between practitioners, children and families while providing top notch interpretation".
--D. Olson - Director, Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency Program
                    OHSU, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center

"All In Spanish, has done an extraordinary job in assisting the Portland Development Commission connect with the Latino community in the Pacific Northwest region through translation services, and expertise in education for learning Spanish and teaching English for Spanish-speaking owners of microenterprises".
--J. L. Jackley - Director of Communications, Portland.

"We have used All in Spanish, LLC for more than 10 years and attest to the history and quality of their services. Personal integrity and business soundness has been proven by their work, dedication, responsibility, initiatives, teamwork and commitment to the Hispanic community in Oregon"

--A. Ramos de Jesús - Director


Culturally and Linguistically Accurate

All In Spanish has built a sterling reputation over two decades by providing quality services to our clients at a fair price. Our commitment to a superior level of expertise in all areas of service is the cornerstone of success. We differ from other companies in our unique and proprietary approach to culture and the role of language in communication, our linguists hold collegiate degrees and international experience within their respective fields of study, bringing a wealth of expertise to our clients with whom we enjoy a high level of trust and long-term relationships. We offer you customized services in interpretation, translation, cultural competency education, marketing and human resource consulting; Spanish language acquisition through our Language Academy, international legal research, in addition to audio visual services in video, radio and television.

we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

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Combined, the All in Spanish team has over 55 years of experience in multicultural, multilingual consulting, with a passion for language, education, training and corporate culture. We have a unique approach to cultural diversity, cultural competency and language. Our ability to integrate these structural elements will help you create, maintain, promote and understand your company culture. Our leadership team has lived abroad and spent considerable time in Latin America, Asia and the US. We bring a multicultural, multilingual approach to your organization's language needs. Our education both here and abroad has a bilingual, biliterate focus with international and educational foundations.  

our approach

​​Translation & Cultural Consulting

With more than 15 years in International Marketing and Bilingual Education, Laura has worked and lived in Argentina, Japan and USA. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Argentina and International Business from Kansai University, Japan. She is a Worldwide Language Instructor for school districts in Oregon.

 (503) 699-4017

Armando is the Executive Director and Founder of All in Spanish.He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Multnomah University. He is an accomplished certified Medical Interpreter, Translator and an Adult Literacy Educator from the National Institute of Education in Mexico with over 20 years experience. 

He is a native Spanish speaker,

from Bogota, Colombia.